Unit 246 Subsidy

Attention: Unit 246 New ACBL Members
The ACBL Unit 246 Trent Valley Bridge Association is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors have agreed to provide a subsidy of CAD $20 towards the first-time renewal of the ACBL membership for all NEW members. In order to claim the subsidy, please do the following:

1. When ACBL send the first renewal notice to the new members, please send in the full renewal fee (don't forget the CBF fee) to ACBL.
2. Please notify the Membership Coordinator via e-mail that you have renewed your ACBL membership.
3. After the renewal had been processed by ACBL (in two to six weeks time), the renewal will appear on the ACBL monthly report.
4. Once the renewal has been confirmed a cheque will be sent to the ACBL member.

This subsidy will be in effect until further notice.